In reaction to inaccurate news that was spread recently in some International media, we would like to inform you correctly about the updated measurements of the Cuban ministry of Health for the arrival of tourists. In some media it was stated that international travelers would have to complete a 7 day quarantine in an isolation center, after an obligatory PCR-test taken at the airport on arrival and that they would have to repeat this PCR-test on the 5th day of their quarantine. We would like to clarify that these regulations do not apply for tourists from Europe, who stay in a hotel after arrival! We have also checked this with the Cuban Tourism board.   

For all tourists from Europe, who stay at hotels, still the regulations and protocols, set up by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism from a few weeks ago, do apply:

When entering Cuba a negative PCR-test result no older than 72 hours should be brought along from the country of residency. Once arrived at the airport in Cuba, another PCR-test will be taken, of which the travelers will have to await the result in their booked hotel. This will take an approximate 24 to 48 hours. Once the negative test results have been received, tourists can freely travel within the island.

The 7 day quarantine and a repetition of the PCR-test on day 5 only applies for tourists who stay at the beginning of their journey in a casa particular (private accommodation) and to Cubans (with or without residency), foreign residents, as well as travelers from high risk areas such as USA, Mexico, Dom Rep, Panama, Haiti, Bahamas and Jamaica. The Cuban government has also drastically reduced flights from and to these destinations. Flights from Europe have not been reduced so far.

In order to avoid a 7 days quarantine we therefore recommend to all tourists to book a hotel (e.g. in Varadero) for the first 3 nights after their arrival in Cuba.

As always we will continue to monitor the situation, keep inquiring and if needed share further information.