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Rote Funken in Havana

Published: 25 October, 2018

CUBA SURPISED BY ROTE FUNKEN  The Senses of Cuba team has had the honor of partly organizing this years biggest international Carnaval spectical in Havana. Uniting two totally different cultures and their perspective on music. Colognes oldest and most famous Carnaval organisation the ‘Rote Funken’ and internationally recognized Rock band the ‘Höhner’ payed a short but impressive visit to Cuba from the 29th of September untill the 4th of October this year. During their speed visit they have managed to do the unthinkable: combine traditional German Carnaval music with the tropical sounds of Cuban music. Years of preparation has led to a full on parade through Havana where the Rote Funken and the Höhner joined forcer with the highly respected Cuban Carnaval group Guaracheros de Regla. But that’s not all. They performed live, in the open air concert hall ‘Salon Rosada de la Tropical’ with one of Cubas most famous Salsa bands ‘Habana de Primera’.  A real fiesta! This cultural collaboration is one for in the books. We from Senses of Cuba are proud to say: Kölle ALAAF! La Habana, ALAAF!



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